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‘Wrath’ of an injury

I got to spend some time around the cages with a hobbling Adam Rosales today. He’s obviously bummed about his ankle, and rightfully so. But he’s been keeping himself plenty busy with books and movies. Right now he’s currently reading Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath” to help pass the time in his San Ramon abode, and he said there are about 10 more books that have been recommended to him. His buddy’s trying to get him into “Lost” too, but he knows that six seasons is quite a commitment, as I’ve also come to learn (I started the series at the beginning of the baseball season, and I JUST finished season one). Rosales will head back east tomorrow to spend some time with his family and girlfriend, and he also said he’d likely meet up with the team in Cleveland just for kicks. He’s been out here in street clothes with his teammates every day this week, which shows the type of team guy he is. He’s got one week down and three more to go, but he’s hoping to maybe return before then. In the meantime, though, he’s been ordered to simply “mobilize” the ankle.

In Rosales’ stead, you’ve got to like what we’re seeing from Steve Tolleson, who has a chance of turning into an everyday Major League infielder if he continually shows a consistent bat and steady defensive presence. He’s 5-for-10 since his callup, and he and was essentially responsible for starting yesterday’s ninth-inning rally, so I would have liked to seen him in the lineup again tonight. You really don’t want to mess with a guy who’s on a hot streak, especially when confidence is also a big thing for a guy straddling the line between the Majors and Minors.
On a different note, the A’s were mentioned in a Las Vegas Sun article today titled, “Mayor: American League baseball team looking at Las Vegas.” Mayor Oscar Goodman wouldn’t comment on which franchise was looking at Las Vegas as a possible place to build a stadium, but it’s no secret that the A’s are one of just a few teams in need of a new home, and they’ve also been linked to Vegas before. Can’t say I’m a fan of a potential stadium in Vegas, where a dome would be required. Are you? Leave your thoughts here…