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As react to Nomars retirement

Nomar Garciaparra officially announced his retirement today, and while the news didn’t surprise many around the A’s clubhouse, it gave them reason to talk about the role he’s played not just as a player but also as a person for the game of baseball. I was around Nomar a bit last year when he was with the A’s and was always struck by the way he carried himself as a true pro and as a mentor to a lot of the younger guys. Some around the clubhouse hadn’t heard the news when approached about it, but everyone pretty much had the same thing to say: Great guy. Great player. The A’s were truly lucky to have him around for a year…

Said manager Bob Geren: “He had a fantastic career. He’s obviously best known for what he did in Boston, so it’s good to see him retire as a Red Sox. He was a great player on the field, and when he wasn’t on the field he made some great contributions in helping the young guys in the clubhosue.

General manager Billy Beane also had nothing but gracious words to say about Nomar and really stressed how blessed he is to know him as a person. “He was a great talent,” Beane said. “He had a huge impact on the game.”