Days 4/5: Awaiting position players

Yesterday and today were fairly quiet in camp, since the initial intrigue of pitchers throwing bullpens typically goes away after the first one. Now, starters switch to throwing bullpens every third day rather than every other day. Jarrod Parker, Tommy Milone and Dan Straily are among the pitchers scheduled to throw live batting practice tomorrow — which, yes, means position players have finally arrived. They reported today for physicals and will dress tomorrow, with Bob Melvin planning to address his entire team at 10 a.m. before the first full-squad workout. Most had already been in the clubhouse already, but a few, including Yoenis Cespedes, Jed Lowrie, Addison Russell and Alberto Callaspo, weren’t seen until today.

Cespedes was there very early and headed straight for the cages to begin work with hitting coach Chili Davis. I talked extensively with Davis after they were done, and he had some insightful things to say about Cespedes, who he said is coming into camp more focused than ever. At times last season, he didn’t have this focus at the plate, as we saw when he was swinging at bad pitches and letting good ones pass by him often. Cespedes is really trying to stick to that shortened swing to make consistent contact, instead of always swinging for the fences, and Davis is already happy with what he’s seeing, knowing Cespedes put in a ton of work this winter.

“Offensively, the sky’s the limit,” Davis said. “He’s in a position in the lineup to drive in a lot of runs, and if he’s focused, he can drive in 120-plus runs. I see him as a guy that has the ability to be one of the top five players in the game if he wants to be. He understands if he wants to get there; he has to have the discipline.”

The full story on Cespedes here.

Russell blended right in when he arrived in the clubhouse today, looking a little less like the kid we saw come in last year. He’s still just 20, but it’s very possible he could be with the A’s at some point this year, probably in the later stages. Melvin made clear today that the organization is not wanting him to start the season on the big league roster. You never want to potentially rush and impede a player’s progression, especially if it’s not necessary. The A’s already have an everyday shortstop in Jed Lowrie, and they have a couple backups at the position, too. Plus, there’s no reason to start the clock on his service time right now. No matter, he’ll be a sight to watch this spring, and there’s no doubt he’ll get his time in Oakland in the near future.

More on Russell in today’s Notebook, which also includes an item on the team potentially upping its running game this year, with Craig Gentry in tow.

If you missed it yesterday, Jim Johnson appeared in an episode of “House of Cards” after befriending Kevin Spacey last July in Baltimore. He’s a big fan of the show, and having watched it myself, I highly, highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

Also, Tommy Milone appears to be the sixth man of the rotation right now, but he has every intention of earning a job out of camp.

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Thanks for the update! I was wondering about yesterday….how are Doo and Cookie feeling?

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