Weeks: “I feel like I was prepared for the news”

In a rather surprising move, Jemile Weeks was optioned to Triple-A Sacramento on Tuesday, the same day the newly acquired Stephen Drew arrived to assume everyday shortstop duties. Cliff Pennington and Adam Rosales will share time at second base, while Weeks regains his groove in the Minors. Here’s a dose of what he had to say to reporters today:

“For some reason I feel like I was prepared for the news. It’s disappointing, because I know I could have done more as a player, but I’m still happy with the way I took the decline in my average. I still feel like I did a lot of things I wanted to do, and I worked hard. The vision I had before the season, I’ve improved on what I wanted to improve from last year. I felt like I did that. The hitting part just wasn’t there, and that’s probably more of the reason why I’m going down.”

(What, in particular, was missing from offensive game?)
“Just consistency. I think there’s been times in big games where I’ve gotten hits, times where I’m put together two or three hits, but it just hasn’t been consistent. Until that consistency comes, you’re in jeopardy of this happening. It’s the game. It’s anybody’s job.”

(On a possible return on Sept. 1)
“I didn’t get any word, but I would hope. Even going down there, I would hope I’m still something the team feels they can still use and needs. But at the end of the day, I’m going to be a star in this game, man. You gotta have your ups and downs. It just makes the story so much sweeter when you come back. I don’t wanna expound too much on it, but you’re looking at a star, period.”

(So the confidence is still there?)
“It’s already there. I improved on what I needed to improve on this year, declined on what I didn’t think I would decline on, so now one good year of hitting, some things down, one bad year of hitting, some things up, next year you do the math.”

(Do you reconstruct?)
“There’s not much to reconstruct. This game’s a lot mental. My tools have always been there, my ability to do what I’ve been doing has been there. This game is just mental, and so you have to go down there and keep that confidence and build a commitment to do what you can do to be successful.”

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That’s right.
Jamile has tools aplenty; now he needs to grow, and as he matures, his game will change. It would help if he came under the tutelage of a ‘Joe Morgan-type’ influence who could present him with an ‘outwork your competitors’ perspective.
For now, stay positive; be prepared to adjust and work toward consistency.
I believe it: Jamile Weeks will be a major leaguer for a long time. How effective of a major leaguer, is up to him.

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