Spiderman gets the green light from Gomes

First purchased in Baltimore last weekend, Josh Reddick’s Spiderman getup never made an appearance on the East Coast, after teammates refused to walk around town next to a grown man dressed as a comic book hero.

Reddick wasn’t about to return his coveted purchase, though, so he decided the costume would make its public debut the next time the A’s collected another walk-off win. Less than a week later, the outfielder’s plan was executed, with teammate Jonny Gomes’ blessing.

Following Coco Crisp’s game-winning sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 15th inning against the Blue Jays on Friday, Reddick raced to the clubhouse and quickly made the outfit change in a matter of two minutes. He returned to the field with two pies in hand for Crisp.

“I saw it in his eyes. He really wanted to do it,” Gomes said. “I want to be a veteran and lead you in the right direction. But at the same time, I don’t want to be a dream crusher. If he wants it that bad, put that thing on.

“He asked me if I thought it would be a good idea, and I thought about it for a minute. You see guys play well in free-agency years, guys who play well in arbitration years, but none of these guys are going through that. They’re literally playing to have fun, because winning is fun. I’m a huge fan of the alumni of the game, I’m a huge fan of the game, and probably the No. 1 endorser of respecting the game, of playing the game right. With that being said, I don’t think we crossed any of those lines. We gotta keep that mojo going somehow.”

Reddick insisted on Saturday morning that it was all “a one-time deal.” But there’s no telling what else is hiding in his closet.

“He’s the first one off the field, so when he comes off in that fashion, I know he’s going to do something,” manager Bob Melvin said. “He definitely added to the dynamic [on Friday].”


BRING BACK RAY ! He is THE VOICE OF THE OAKLAND A’s. His knowledge, personality, insightful commentary, and dedication to the team make him essential

I was there, in the second row of 119, for the “one time deal”. So glad this happened. I read about the suit in the clubhouse and wanted a pic real bad…now I have a few!!!! You are so right Jonny it’s all about having fun and respect…Let’s Go Oakland!!!!!

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