Cook calls ASG selection “absurd”

A’s reliever Ryan Cook, named to the American League All-Star team today, says of his selection, “It’s awesome, there’s no doubt about it. It’s very cool for me and my family and friends, and I’m just honored really to even be mentioned and then to be chosen and get to represent the Oakland Athletics and the long line of people before me who have done it.

“Really just kind of excited. I really don’t even know. Coming into the year, I was looking just to make the team and never, ever did I envision getting the results that I’ve gotten and then the opportunity to do this. I’m just truly blessed.”

On brushing shoulders with some of the game’s biggest names:

“Hopefully I can learn from them, get to talk to them and hear what they’ve gone through. I’m just always trying to learn, so hopefully I can pick up on some things.”

On teammate Josh Reddick being left off the reserve list:

“I thought he deserved to go. I know it’s tough, especially being in the outfield, considering all of the other guys in the league, but he’s had a good first half for us and will continue to do the same in the second half I’m sure.”

Cook initially had plans to spend the All-Star break in Napa with his girlfriend, Jamie. Now they’re both booking plane tickets to Kansas City, as are his parents, Chuck and Brenda, of Clovis, Calif.

Said Cook: “I never thought I would be a Major League baseball All-Star. That’s absurd.”



Absurd is correct. No doubt it should have been Reddick.

Ryan Cook has been awesome, and billy beane looks like a genius

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