Moss, Scribner promoted

Updated: Kila Ka’aihue, who I prematurely assumed was headed to the paternity leave list, has been designated for assignment to clear a 40-man roster spot. The A’s now have 10 days to trade, release or pass him through waivers. Ka’aihue hit .234 with four home runs and 14 RBIs in 39 games but was batting just .154 over his last 16 games. And Andrew Carignan, hurt last night, goes on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his right elbow.


I’ve just learned that Brandon Moss, who was hitting .286 with 15 home runs for Triple-A Sacramento, has been promoted to Oakland. Moss was told he will play first base, so he’s presumably here for Kila Ka’aihue, who I’m assuming will be placed on the paternity leave list, given the fact his wife was ready to deliver twins any day. Under Major League Baseball’s paternity rules, Ka’aihue is allowed to be away from the team for 24-72 hours.

Also expected up from Triple-A is right-handed reliever Evan Scribner. Righty Andrew Carignan exited last night’s game with a sore elbow, so it’s safe to assume he’s DL-bound. Scribner, who was with the A’s in Tokyo, has a 3.31 ERA and 0.98 WHIP in 32 2/3 relief innings for the River Cats.

Both Moss and Scribner are not on the A’s 40-man roster, which currently has 39 players. That means one will have to be created, and at this point it’s unclear how that will happen.


Moss is no kid so I’m assuming he’s not in BB’s “long-range plans.” Barton is still lurking in Sacramento. It’s disgusting that the A’s are sticking with him. He’s like a house pet. Kila got screwed, plain and simple. He’s obviously not a great defensive first baseman, but at least he gives this anemic hitting team some punch.

It’s great that all these .200 hitters are being given so many chances to prove that they can’t play. I wish they would give the same courtesy to Michael Taylor or Chris Carter who they have ruined.

It just seems a bit of a surprise and moss isn’t even a natural first baseman.

So the dumped Ka’aihue, Allen and Barton because of batting average, then when will Coco and Donaldson be dumpped as they are below the 200 average as while.

The Ka’aihue move surprised me, as he has had some key hits in games recently. Moss is a good player but not a natural 1st baseman. I agree that Barton has been given too long a tether. He should have been gone long ago. He can’t play any other position and he can’t hit for beans. Either that has to change rapidly or he should be desiganted for assignment.

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Great game from Colon last night. We need more of that.


I must admit that the Ka’aihue assigment surprised me, as he has had some key hits in games lately. And Moss is not a natural first baseman. I think the A’s have held onto Darick Barton for far too long. Yes, he is a great defensive guy, but he used to hit clost to 300, and he’s below the Mendoza line now. I’d have kep Ka’aihue instead. The upside is much greater.

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Never have been an A’s fan, and this is one reason why. No one ever puts them self in the other person’s shoes. I am sure Melvin is sleeping fine

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