Forst: “We want to make sure Manny feels he is 100 percent ready”

A’s assistant general manager David Forst discusses Manny, Cespedes and sluggish offense:

[On timetable for Manny’s A’s debut]
“It really is day-to-day. There is really no other way to describe it. We’ve gone and seen him the last two nights. Bob [Melvin] has been in touch with [Sacramento manager] Darren Bush every night after their game, and I think we just want to make sure that we feel and that Manny feels he is 100 percent ready before we pull the trigger on this move. I don’t have any time frame. As soon as we think he’s ready, we’ll make that move.”

[On Manny’s progression]
“He had a good game yesterday, hit the ball hard a couple of times. I don’t think we have any sort of goals, necessarily, in terms of performance or at-bats. I think we have seen him make progress, and we need to make sure that it’s at the point where everyone feels he’s Major League-ready. There’s no number in mind for at-bats or hits. Once we make the move, we want him to be here to stay and to be able to contribute every day. We want to be 100 percent sure of it.”

[On balancing Manny’s readiness and team’s offensive needs]
“I think we’re trying not to make a short-term decision here. Obviously we would like to improve the Major League offense, but we’re not even 50 games in. There’s still four months to play. We’re trying to make a long-term decision here for the team and not just rush into this because we’d like to score a couple of extra runs tonight or tomorrow. Obviously it’s part of the decision, but we want Manny to be here to stay once he gets here.”

[On Cespedes playing left field in Sacramento on Monday]
“We’re keeping our options open. Coco can play left and center. With the mix of outfielders that we have and the roster that we have, it’s easier on Bob if everyone can do a couple of things. Reddick can play center and right. It’s nothing beyond wanting to keep our options open as far as the roster construction is concerned.”

[On plan for outfield when Cespedes returns]
“[Melvin] will put the best team out there to try to win every day. When Cespedes gets back, then we’ll figure out where he goes.”

[On club’s offensive struggles]
“We’ve swung the bats better than our offensive numbers suggest. At the same time, we haven’t won as many games as we probably should with our pitching and defense. I think we know there are guys on the team who are going to perform better than they have. That being said, it was nice getting Inge back, it will be nice to get Yoenis back and, hopefully at some point, it will be nice to put Manny in there. I think we’re all aware we could use some of those guys back.”

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