A’s players settle into Tokyo

Greetings from Tokyo, where it’s been gloomy and wet since our arrival. Most players, it seems, opted for sleep rather than exploring the city last night – an understandable choice, given the 12-hour flight time and ensuing 90-minute drive to the hotel, along with a 16-hour time change. Many, like myself, couldn’t sleep past 7 a.m., as I’m sure our internal clocks were struggling to adjust, though Tommy Milone should get some kind of award for falling asleep at 10 p.m. and not waking until 8 a.m. “I feel great right now,” he said, grinning.

Milone and Co. are currently taking part in their first workout here at the Tokyo Dome. The Mariners are also here, and a press conference with manager Bob Melvin and a handful of players is to follow shortly. Otherwise, it’s a light day, as both teams prepare for exhibition games the next two days.

Josh Reddick is also preparing for a different kind of performance. Reddick, along with Brandon Allen and Collin Cowgill, are karaoking tonight in front of Comcast Bay Area’s camera crew. Allen, I’ve heard, has got some real talent, and Reddick deems himself a karaoke pro, though isn’t sure how much country music Tokyo has to offer him. He can always settle on Journey, he said.

Reddick surely garnered the most attention upon the team’s arrival yesterday, as several fans were heard both in the airport and hotel shouting his name. I asked him about being Mr. Popular over here, and he said it probably comes with having worn a Red Sox jersey during the past couple of years. He was still caught off guard by it all, especially since Kurt Suzuki – who is very popular over here – and Coco Crisp were by his side.

Jonny Gomes is also getting some looks, thanks to his mohawk. He says he’s gotten plenty of requests from people on the streets wanting to touch it. Meanwhile, the obsessions over the heated hotel toilets have started, and several players are trying to figure out a way to take one home.

Stay tuned from more updates…


It’s not like you can’t buy a heated toilet seat here…

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