Bailey reacts to trade

Just got off the phone with Andrew Bailey, who sounded both genuinely excited about his new opportunity in Boston but — as expected given the consummate professional and class act that he is — also very grateful for the years he spent in Oakland. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“I love the Bay Area, but if you’re going to get traded, I can’t think of a better situation for myself and my family to be in. It’s a big market, big team, and I’m excited about the opportunity to win over there, especially knowing Bobby V.”

On his chat with Red Sox GM Ben Cherington:

“He wanted to just welcome me to the team. They said I’ve been of interest to them for most of the offseason and they were close a number of times and they couldn’t think of a better time to get a deal done. He said they’re looking forward to having me in Boston, and I’m looking forward to getting started in Spring Training.”

On his time in Oakland:

“I had a good conversation with Billy. I understand. They’re moving in a different direction and want to get younger and are hopefully looking forward to a new stadium in San Jose. I can’t say enough about the A’s organization because, looking back, not many guys would be given the opportunity I was given back in 2009, coming off a terrible, terrible year in Double-A to making the big league team and, a couple months later, being closer. So hats off to them and the opportunity they gave to me. I’m just glad I was able to help them get better for the future.”


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I was born and raised an Oakland Athletic’s fan. I have weathered the good and the bad fro 34 years. The less-than-desirable trades and awesome trades. The new stadium outlook is looking as bleak today as it did last year and the year before. I am now a fan living in Eastern North Dakota but follow as much as I used to. I am truly getting tired of losing our big names for our future “re-building”. Every year starts off with “this year we will contend for a playoff spot” and then the same-old happens. Billy Beane is someone I used to respect fully because of the difficult positions he always found himself in but I am really growing tired of the same old stuff. We have been re-building for years and giving up great players in the process. BB goes out and buys outside great players for a year or two and then lets them go. We will never truly be able to keep the players we turn into All Stars or entice outsiders until our new stadium is built. So why don’t we keep the team we have and keep hoping for a stadium that we will never get? Really hate to say it but the Oakland Athletics have turned into the major league’s minor leagur team….we develop and make players into All Stars and then let them go every year. Let’s work on getting that new stadium instead of getting rid of all of our marquee players.

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