Tuesday musings from the Winter Meetings

DALLAS — It’s Day 2 at the Winter Meetings, and there seems to be an escalated dose of buzz in he air, with several trades already going down today among a few teams — none of which were the A’s. However, the Blue Jays swapped players with the White Sox, dealing Nestor Molina for Sergio Santos, who will serve as their new closer. That means one less team is in on Andrew Bailey, who had before been linked with Toronto, among other clubs. Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos was asked specifically about Bailey while speaking to media following the trade, and though citing his policy of not talking about other teams’ players, noted that he and his staff inquired on “anyone out on the trade market.” You can read between the lines there and assume they did indeed check in on Oakland’s two-time All-Star.

There still appears to be at least six other teams with keen interest in Bailey, and the Red Sox are known to be meeting with Billy Beane and Co. today, with Bailey being a likely topic of discussion. If you recall, the A’s nearly pulled off a trade with Boston right before July’s trade deadline, but the proposed swap of Rich Harden for first base prospect Lars Anderson was never completed. It would make sense, then, for Anderson’s name to come up again today, especially considering the A’s long-term concern at first base, where there’s currently a logjam of unproven players. The A’s might also view Josh Reddick as an attractive name, and it’s thought that Boston would easily give him away. The 24-year-old outfielder has played in 143 big league games, including 87 this year. He hit .280 with a .784 OPS, 18 doubles, seven home runs and 28 RBIs for the Sox and could be just the type of player the A’s are looking for — a young outfielder with a decent bat who can be slotted into an everyday role next year. Yesterday, Beane alluded to the fact he’s not completely comfortable with just sending out the group of inexperienced outfielders he has in tow now. Sure, Michael Taylor, Jermaine Mitchell and Jai Miller are options — but likely not the best ones for the Opening Day starting lineup.

Another intriguing deal to think about: Bailey to San Diego — who lost closer Heath Bell to Miami — in a trade involving Chase Headley. The Padres third baseman just completed his third full big league campaign, hitting .289 with a .374 on-base percentage in 113 games. He’s a good defender and has a ton of upside. The A’s seem intent on keeping Scott Sizemore at the hot corner, but I can’t imagine them turning down a potentially decent upgrade if given the chance at one.

Bailey has also garnered interest from the Angels, Mets, Rangers, Mariners and Reds.


Exciting! Sounds like things are … ACTUALLY going to start happening! I’m tired of watching the Marlins have all the fun…

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