Relaxed Geren shares some laughs

Bob Geren had a little fun with reporters in his pregame media session this morning, providing some humor while even indirectly touching on the “lack of communication” fuss that surfaced around his club this week.

In light of Wednesday’s 19-inning affair between the Phillies and Reds that ended with Philadelphia second baseman Wilson Valdez as the winning pitcher, Geren was questioned about position players with whom he would feel comfortable placing on the mound in such a situation.

“What about Matsui pitching?” a reporter asked.

Geren smiled, looking around at the Japanese reporters, and said, “That would be a good story. Then the follow-up question would be, ‘Has he thrown a bullpen at all?'”

At this point, another reporter slipped in a “And what about his role?”

Geren, who could have easily ignored the playful remark, instead proceeded to laugh and take it even further.

“Yea, and have I told him?” he joked.

Multiple laughs ensued. And Geren, having some fun following a rather rough week, said, “That’s awesome.”


Hi Jane, What’s the name of the song the A’s play at the Coliseum after they score a run?

can Sweeney play 1B. Why the heck not? 6′ 4″, come on, give it a chance.

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