Fuentes criticizes “unorthodox managing”

Fuentes’ communication with reporters following tonight’s game:

What did you think of the situation you were placed in tonight?

Fuentes: It’s surprising yet not surprising all at the same time.

How do you feel with the way the manager has handled you as a reliever?

Fuentes: Pretty poorly.

How much communication do you have with him?

Fuentes: Zero.

Why is it pretty poorly?

Fuentes: There’s just no communication. Two games, on the road, bring the closer in a tied game, with no previous discussions of doing so. And then, tonight, in the seventh inning, I get up. I haven’t stretched, I haven’t prepared myself. If there was some communication beforehand I would be ready to come into the game  – which I was, when I came into the game, I was ready. Just lack of communication. I don’t think anybody really knows which direction he’s headed.

How much different is this compared to past managers?

Fuentes: It’s a pretty drastic difference.

What goes through your mind when the phone rings in the seventh tonight?

Fuentes: I thought he misspoke. I thought it was some sort of miscommunication, but he said, ‘No, you’re up,’ so I got up and cranked it up. You can’t try to guess along with them. Very unpredictable.

At the beginning of the season, did he tell you that you were the closer?

Fuentes: Yes, from get go, I’ve been closing.

In regards to communication, is that something that oughta change?

Fuentes: It should. It’s not my decision. I can’t predict the future. If he decides to take that step, then there will be communication. If not, I’ll make sure I’m ready from the first.

Does there need to be a “clear the air” meeting?

Fuentes: Some people might think so. At this point I have nothing to say.

Has this been boiling up or is it just recent?

Fuentes: Just recent, really. I think the games in San Francisco were some unorthodox managing. I thought it was maybe the National league thing, that maybe that had something to do with it, but tonight was pretty unbelievable.


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Garen must go! Can’t win with players like Barton and Kouzmanoff. Why not play small ball like bunting guys over? Good example with the Angels last night. It is not like we have a load of power hitters on this team. Bring up some young players and let them play. What does it hurt at this point. If I was some of these young pitchers, pitching my butt off but can’t get any run support day after day I would be pissed.

fuentes does have a right to be frustrated. he and all the a’s pitchers need some run support. fuentes has done a tellar job at closing. help is on the way. the a’s closer will arrive. i do believe that the guys they have will hit to their potential. it takes time. alot of people don’t want to go thru that time. too much pain involved. geren has done a masterful job with developing his pitchers and in that time he has had to rely on the guys with experience. maybe too much so. everyone needs to relax do the best they can and not take on all the pressure they are feeling. takes a hell of a lot more than one guy to carry a team. that’s why we still call it a team. the hitters right now are too anxious. take their time and react to the pitch thrown. easier said than done.

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We need to score more runs. Our pitchers are trying way to hard and it is starting to show. How many times have our pitchers had go out in the sixth tied at zero? Let’s bring up some minor league bats. Our veterans are not pulling their weight.

go to the plate thinking walk until you get a good pitch to hit. don’t look at the guys on base or your batting average. good pitches go farther. if it’s not a good pitch don’t swing. a’s hitters are patient. that’s why they have higher on base percentages. a good pitch to hit travels farther. just ask coco.

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