Sweeney starts, Willingham sits

A handful of pregame notes:

  • Ryan Sweeney is making his seventh start of the season tonight, as Bob Geren wants to keep him fresh while also easing Josh Willingham back since he missed a couple of games last week because of back tightness. Sweeney is 1-for-10 lifetime against Tribe starter Fausto Carmona, while Willingham — hitting .333 with two home runs and six RBIs over his past nine games — is 0-for-5 in his career against the righty.
  • Dallas Braden is scheduled to make another trip to Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles tomorrow. Geren wasn’t too sure which tests were done the first time around on April 20 or which ones are to be done on Wednesday, but it’s safe to say that, at this point, they’ll do anything they can in an effort to get clearer answers on Braden’s mystery shoulder. Braden’s been rather down since the injury and hasn’t spoken with media since its onset, so I’m sure he’d like a better understanding of what’s going on more than anyone else, and it’d be nice to see him get it so he can move on with the proper rehab.
  • Andy LaRoche was back at third base again, and Geren again said he’ll keep him in the lineup so long as he keeps swinging the bat well. “I’m giving Kouz time to keep working,” he said. “He’ll get back in there, too. Everybody will get their opportunities.”

A’s lineup: Crisp CF, Barton 1B, DeJesus RF, Matsui DH, Suzuki C, Sweeney LF, Ellis 2B, LaRoche 3B, Pennington SS

Indians lineup: Sizemore CF, Cabrera SS, Choo RF, Santana C, Duncan DH, Brantley 1B, LaPorta LF, Hannahan 3B, Everett 2B

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I am an Oakland fan in Connecticut and have been for a while. I have watched mostly all of the A’s games on tv this year and have noticed one major flaw in their game…hitting and producing runs. I know it is early, but when you have older guys struggling at the plate, how about calling up the young guys. If our pitching wasn’t as spectacular as its been, we would be battling for the worst record in all of baseball. My worry is that by the time the Athletic’s organization makes a move, it will be too late and they will be out of the running to make the playoffs. TO A’s GENERAL MANAGER BILLY BEANE, please consider either trading for a big bat or raising up some youngsters with some power like 1B Chris Carter or an exciting guy like 2B Jemile Weeks. Thank you and take this into consideration.

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