Suzuki returns to lineup after ankle scare

Kurt Suzuki still appeared to be limping around a bit on Saturday, but that didn’t stop him from getting back in the lineup. His ankle is a little sore, but he was told that it can’t get any worse, so he figures if that’s the case, then he can tolerate the pain. He said that, even though it’s just the beginning of the season, it’s important to be in there helping the team off to a good start. And anyone who knows Suzuki and his dedication to the club, particularly his pitchers, would say that they’re not surprised at all by his constant want to play every day.

Andrew Bailey threw from 120 feet again this afternoon, and Geren said it was “the best day yet” for the righty. Bailey, along with fellow rehabbing hurler Rich Harden, will join the team for its upcoming road trip through Toronto, Minnesota and Chicago. Meanwhile, Adam Rosales will stay behind and work with one of the team’s assistant trainers during that time. His next doctor’s appointment is on the 14th, and he’s hoping that’s his last one and he’ll be cleared for all baseball activity then. May is still the goal, he said, but these past few months have taught him not to get his hopes up too much.


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