OD starter speculation continues

The plot has thickened surrounding the A’s Opening Day starter decision. Just yesterday it seemed as though Brett Anderson or Dallas Braden could seemingly be the only ones considered for the nod, given the fact that the rotation schedule for the rest of camp would prevent Trevor Cahill or Gio Gonzalez from making the esteemed start because of too little or too many days of rest. Alas, the schedule was changed this morning, and Braden — originally scheduled for Saturday — will work Friday, and Cahill will go Saturday on six days of rest. That means he’s back in line for consideration for the OD start. Cahill, at the start of camp, was initially the unanimous pick by a few of us writers when we were considering the candidates. Geren, staying mum on the topic per usual, only said, “Yes, we’re making adjustments for the start of the season at this time.” He’s likely to make the official announcement either Friday or Saturday — if it is Cahill, I wouldn’t be surprised if he announces it after Saturday’s game.

It’s an otherwise slow news day around camp — just the way it should be as spring dwindles down. Joey Devine is throwing in a Minor League game today, and there’s still nothing to report on Andrew Bailey, who hasn’t started throwing again. Bailey initially said it would be a matter of days, not weeks, before he picked up a ball again. But it’s already been a week, so it’s likely he’ll take some more time and start the season on the DL so as not to rush anything.

Here’s the A’s lineup against the Cubs: Crisp CF, Sweeney RF, Willingham LF, Matsui DH, Suzuki C, Ellis 2B, Jackson 1B, Pennington SS, Sogard 3B, Gonzalez P

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