Breslow sees game action; Ross also throws

Hurlers Craig Breslow and Tyson Ross spent the team’s off day throwing in a Minor League game at Papago Park. According to reports from Papago, Breslow threw 28 pitches in one inning of work — his first time seeing game action this spring. He has been brought along slowly because of his workload last year, and he also recently developed a hamstring strain — though the injury didn’t keep him from getting in his bullpen sessions.

According to manager Bob Geren, who watched Breslow alongside pitching coach Ron Romanick, the lefty “threw the ball well, and his leg felt good.” He’s still nursing the hamstring a bit, so he was instructed not to make any plays where he would have to cover first base. There weren’t any such plays, though, so it wasn’t even an issue. Breslow will again throw Saturday, and he says it could either be in another Minor League game or an exhibition game.

Ross, meanwhile, threw 80
pitches in five innings and gave up a couple of hits. Geren said “it was a good outing … and the ball was moving well.”

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