Reds vs. A’s: Pregame notes

Good morning from Phoenix Muni. Here are your lineups for the home opener:


Crisp, CF
Barton, 1B
Willingham, LF
Jackson, RF
Carter, DH
Powell, C
LaRoche, 2B
Timmons, 3B
Sogard, SS
Gonzalez, P

Also scheduled to pitch: Brett Anderson, Brian Fuentes, Grant Balfour, Fernando Cabrera, Gabe DeHoyos, Fautino De Los Santos, Willie Eyre, Yadel Marti

CINCINNATI (split squad)

Stubbs, CF
Renteria, SS
Gomes, LF
Rolen, 3B
Bruce, RF
Alonso, 1B
Cairo, DH
Valaika, 2B
Miller, C
Leake, P

Tidbits from Geren’s morning media session:

  • David DeJesus is feeling better, and he’ll likely be starting tomorrow’s home game against the Indians.
  • Chris Carter is in the designated hitter’s slot today because Geren wanted to give his feet some rest without taking away at-bats. It’s unlikely we’ll see him at first base this spring because the A’s would like to keep working him in the outfield, where he made back-to-back errors yesterday. Daric Barton, like every regular position player at this point, will play every other day for awhile, and Conor Jackson will receive most other starts at first. Prospect Sean Doolittle is currently unavailable to play first base in exhibition games because the trainers believe his knees aren’t quite ready for game competition. He was able to take part in intrasquad games because it was a controlled environment.
  • While several players were taking part in bunting drills, Geren was asked if Barton, given a new-look lineup, would essentially be on a shorter leash this year when it comes to bunting. During the early parts of last year, Barton was bunting on a very regular basis in an effort to move runners over. Geren said he actually asked Barton, who at one point was leading the league in sac bunts, to stop doing so in June because “he’s too good a hitter to bunt all the time.” This year, Barton will only bunt when told to do so. More on this to come in the Beat today…
  • There’s currently no plan to play Hideki Matsui in the outfield this spring. He’ll stick to DH duties in an effort to keep his knees fresh. “He’s feeling real good,” Geren said, “and we’d like to keep it that way.”

1 Comment

Looks like Carter needs to focus more out there, but really does he belong in the OF? I would keep him more in the 1B/DH role.

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