Wolff: “No interest” in purchasing Dodgers

The A’s on Wednesday issued a statement in response to a Tuesday column written by ESPN’s Buster Olney that speculated whether team owner Lew Wolff could become the next owner of the Dodgers. The thinking behind Olney’s curiosity — it’s important to note that it was merely speculation, nothing more — was that Selig could do with the A’s what he did with the Expos and get the owner of a troubled team a new team, subsequently letting Major League Baseball figure out what to do with the other team.

Wolff has been awaiting a report from the three-panel committee which
Commissioner Bud Selig appointed almost two years ago to study the A’s stadium
options. Meanwhile, there’s thought that financial pressure will force Dodgers owner Frank McCourt out of the picture. Olney linked the two together, and here’s what Wolff had to say via press release:

“There is no truth to this report. Mr. Wolff has no interest whatsoever in purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise. Furthermore, he has no knowledge of the source of any such rumor, and he has informed Major League Baseball and Dodgers ownership of his position.”

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