Rule 5 results

A total of
19 clubs participated in the Major League phase of Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft, none of which
decided to take players within the A’s organization. There was thinking that
speedy outfielder Corey Wimberly could represent a possible choice for other
teams, but he proved safe by morning’s end.

The A’s, meanwhile, chose not to participate in the Major League portion. But in the Minor
League phase, they gained right-hander Jeiler Castillo from the Houston
Astros’ organization. Castillo owns a career 10-12 record with a 3.89 ERA in 82
games — 13 starts — over 201.1 innings in five professional seasons.

Oakland also lost two of their own hurlers in the Minor League portion, as they
watched the Angels take righty Daniel Sattler and the Phillies choose right-hander
Justin Friend.

The Rule 5 Draft signals an ending to the Winter Meetings here in Florida. Most A’s officials, including assistant general manager David Forst, have already left. Unlike other clubs such as the Red Sox, the A’s didn’t make any splashes here this week. However, they were involved in numerous talks and I would imagine a deal to take place in the next week or so.


I just wanted to say, “Thanks.” for all the updates. You have done an amazing job of keeping the fans updated on these winter meetings. I can’t ever remember getting as many updates as you’ve given us over the last few days. We fans appreciate all of your hard work.

seriously? with all of the news this week we didn’t even get one inside update?

Bayareabomber33 – Jane was on holidays for the last week. It’s not her fault there were what, 6 moves in the last week, which coincided with her vacation.

I’d like to echo my sentiments and thank Jane for the great job she’s done covering the A’s. I had no idea the offseason was as crazy as the regular season, but I don’t go to any other source when I want A’s updates.

In the world of MLB beat writers, Jane’s an All-Star, for sure.

I look forward to seeing future columns.

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