The final word…

…from Dallas Braden, who will be an analyst for MLB Network on Oct. 8 and 9 for postseason action:

Get your Dallas Braden fix. It’s a different side of the game, different side of the business I haven’t seen before. It’s an honor for someone to think I would be a good fit there. We’ll have some fun with it.”

When asked if he expects to temper his unique personality at all, Braden quickly replied, “No.”

“…So it could be my debut and my finale, who knows?”

It just might be, especially since he’s slated to work on the Twins-Yankees series broadcast.

“Live look-ins with A-Rod in the dugout. … Keep that mic away from me. Is that when they’re going to hit that button that doesn’t let you talk? And I’m just yelling at the TV and you can’t hear me. … Get your popcorn ready.”

Braden, of course, is joking for the most part, and he said all of this with a smile. As outspoken as he comes across, he’s truly an athlete of character, and he respects the game and the people who play it far too much to put his own character in jeopardy. That being said, don’t expect the bleep button to come out in full force when A-Rod’s face is on the screen. That doesn’t mean Braden won’t be biting his tongue, though…

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