Crisp fractures finger

Coco Crisp has done it again. He’s fractured that left pinkie finger, the one that kept him out nearly a month and a half at the start of the season after he broke it while sliding into second base in an exhibition game with the Giants. This time, he did it while sliding into third, at which point he was tagged out after coming around from first in the sixth inning yesterday. He managed to stay in the game, though, and Geren is hoping he’ll only be out a couple days. Crisp will see a hand specialist tomorrow to determine whether he can continue playing with the fracture or not, and the team will know in the next day or two about his availability.

In the meantime, there’s a grab bag of outfielders here ready and willing to get some playing time. Remember Gabe Gross? And Matt Carson? Jeff Larish? Geren has Carson in right today, with Carter in left and Davis in center.

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sur-prise, sur-prise, surrrr-priiiizzzee….

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