Geren, and more Geren

The club’s decision to pick up Bob Geren’s option for next season isn’t as surprising as some might think. In fact, it was very much expected given Billy Beane’s praise this year for the job Geren’s done as manager of a youthful, injury-prone team. Beane believes it’s important to offer the younger guys consistency in multiple forms, management included. He mentioned the development of Pennington, Suzuki and Barton, among others, have all come under the leadership of Geren. I know many have pointed blame on Geren at times when the team has struggled this year, and, while I don’t agree with every single decision he’s made, you have to figure there’s only so much you can do with a team lacking any sort of power threat. Pitching, defense and speed can only take a team so far, and I don’t even think Geren was expected to take this team into a second-place standing, where they happen to still be flirting with postseason thoughts.

Whether those playoff dreams become a reality is one thing, but right now I think the main focus should be staying above the .500 mark and claiming victory to as many series as possible. That will hopefully lead to Geren’s first winning season as manager. And, if the club can add a bat or two this offseason to go along with a superb pitching staff, Geren and Co. are looking at an exciting team to watch in 2011.

That being said, I realize several thoughts have already been made about Geren, so feel free to comment away…


In terms of congeniality I think many would say, certainly he is good people – I would absolutely haven Geren over for tea. The one thing that every fan (and I can imagine every player) likes to see in their skipper is someone that inspires confidence, which happens to be the one glaring hole in Geren’s abilities.

Referencing your point of his development of players you need only look at those examples. Barton I’ll give you as a slightly above average hitter with amazing OBP and League leading walks. But Penn and Zuki are average .250 hitters with great defense (but haven’t they always displayed good D?). Point is, not exactly resume building material for Geren. His managerials calls are uninspiring and show a lack of strategy, and most importantly he lacks the thing that a successful manager does – win.

I’ll always be an A’s fan because I’m a NorCal homer with a love for the blue collar, but it would be nice to be a fan confident of my team’s leaders once more.

i REALLY wish we wouldn’t have let Wash just walk away…

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