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I don’t think this was the way Vin Mazzaro envisioned spending his Labor Day. And, really, I don’t think it was the way any of us thought he would. Upon arriving at the clubhouse this morning, I had heard Geren was going to have some news to share. Then, when the lineup card was posted, Landon Powell was nowhere to be found, so it was easy to assume he was part of a transaction, although it didn’t make much sense, especially since he was sitting at his locker — a full locker. But about 15 minutes later, after a new lineup had been posted with Powell’s name (he had simply been forgotten on the first one), I saw Mazzaro packing up his things. That scene was followed by Geren confirming the news, that Mazzaro had indeed been optioned to Triple-A.

The move, says A’s assistant general manager David Forst, represented nothing more than an effort to help both the club and Mazzaro. Thus, the A’s — despite standing 7 games back of Texas with just a few weeks remaining in the season — still see themselves having a fighting chance at the AL West crown it seems. So, despite it being an odd time to option someone, Forst said the move was not meant to send a message to Mazzaro or anyone else on the A’s staff. 

“It’s not,” Forst said. “If it ends up being that, fine. It’s really designed to give us the best chance every five days and to give him the best chance to get better from a performance standpoint. We didn’t sit around and say, ‘We need to send this kid a message.’ It just didn’t happen.”

From what I’ve gathered, it seems likely the A’s will simply skip the next fifth spot with Thursday being an off day and then possibly move Boof Bonser into a starting role. Bonser’s done well in long-relief work for the A’s, most recently a 4 1/3-inning scoreless outing at Yankee Stadium.

Your thoughts on Mazzaro’s departure?

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It’s simple: When Vinnie shows that he can consistently throw strike 1 before ball 1, he’ll be back. Hopefully, a playoff game or two in Sacramento will enable him to do that.

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