Ballboy is Ball Man for a night

By now, most everyone knows all about Kevin Fennell, the A’s ballboy
who was very generous to a young girl named Jacki by way of four foul
balls last night. As I wrote in this story,
Jacki said she received a fifth ball from the A’s bullpen, which
requested a phone number for Kevin. Now, most of you are thinking that
it was the relievers, not Kevin, who is responsible for him landing the
number. But Jacki assured me that she was going to give Kevin her
number anyways. After all, Kevin is quite the gentleman – he not only
gave Jacki the foul balls but hand warmers as well because she was cold. Major props on that one.

The A’s are loving this, by the way. During Kevin’s live interview with MLB Network this afternoon, the A’s were on the field during batting practice and were essentially glued to the screen, laughing hysterically, while watching it all. And before his interview, he was roaming around asking for any and all interview tips. Michael Wuertz told him to “just be yourself,” while Landon Powell had a different idea in mind: “Use the third person.” When I heard that, I could just picture the way that would go: “Kevin wants girl, Kevin gets girl.” Kevin didn’t end up taking Landon’s advice, but I’d say he did pretty well with the interview, which you can see here.

people have reacted to this story with the notion that Kevin should
have been giving away the balls to kids and, while I understand the
thought, I still think you have to enjoy Kevin’s efforts at getting a
girl’s attention. We’ve all been there, right? Besides, it’s always fun to see how baseball games bring
people together. And from my brief conversation with Jacki, she seems
like a sweet girl. She was even gracious enough to pass along a picture
of the ball that was sent via a security guard from the bullpen:

Thumbnail image for Ball.jpg


I think it was a very clever way of getting her attention and I gotta say hes got guts as well I would never have enough to do that.

I know this girl, NOTHING special. Everybody is wasting their time thinking that this is an interested story. She’s still very caught up on her ex of MANY years and just using this to flirt with him/make him jealous.
If you even thought for a second that this story was interesting, don’t waste your time.

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