With Jackson back in fold, who goes?

Conor Jackson just told me that, as far as he knows, he’ll be in Oakland today and activated from the disabled list, which means two things for this A’s team:

  • Someone’s gotta go. Whether it be Chris Carter or Jeff Larish, I think it’s pretty safe to say one of those guys will be optioned back to Sacramento. Both just got here, but Carter obviously hasn’t found a groove at the Major League level and Larish obviously hasn’t even been given the opportunity to find a groove. I’d hoped that Carter wouldn’t have to do the whole back and forth thing between Oakland and Sacramento, but if he does go, you figure it’s not a bad idea to let him keep swinging at Triple-A since he’ll be back in less than two weeks when rosters expand. As for Larish, I’m willing to bet some of you are wondering who he is and when he even joined the team. When Daric Barton was held out of the lineup with shoulder spasms, Larish was given a start at first base, but he hasn’t seen any action since – and that was a week ago. He was swinging the bat so well with Sacramento – lots of homers and RBIs – and when a guy’s sitting on the bench for so long like that, it’s easy to lose that consistent stroke. 
  • The lineup gets new life. Sure, as I’ve said before, I don’t think Jackson’s return is going to all of a sudden put this team back into playoff contention. But, the way things are going for the offense, a different bat can’t hurt. In fact, I think things are so bad for the offense right now – 6 hits over last 2 games – that it can really only get better. Day in and day out, loss after loss, we’ve seen the same lineup thrown out there. Granted, there aren’t many other options, especially in the No. 3-5 spots, but putting in a guy like Jackson (or even Larish) will at least mix things up, which is what the team needs right now.

So who goes? Geren said yesterday Jackson is “an everyday player,” and I don’t think the A’s want Carter sitting on the bench. Even when Jackson does need a day off between now and September, the A’s still have Gross, not to mention Steve Tolleson, who plays some left field. Thus, Carter’s my guess, but you never quite know with this team. Either way, we’ll likely find out in the next hour or so. I’m technically off today, but you can still get all your A’s news at the A’s website.

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