The Taylor/Carter question

As we keep
seeing guys from Sacramento getting the call to Oakland, I keep getting more
questions wondering about Michael Taylor and Chris Carter. When will their time
come? Why aren’t they being called up? Why Matt Carson and Matt Watson? I think
it’s widely expected that the duo of Taylor and Carter will immediately give
the A’s the power they’ve been looking for all year. That won’t happen, though,
until they can prove that power in the PCL, where they’re both currently
hitting under .260 (Carter, as of Wednesday, is batting .238; Taylor, .252). Meanwhile, upon their promotions, Carson and Watson were
both boasting an above-.300 mark. And as many in the organization has said before,
there’s no sense in rushing Taylor or Carter. Many thought they’d be up by now.
To tell you the truth, I did too. But they’re simply not performing, and
bringing them to an even bigger stage isn’t going to do any good, either. Right
now, they account for 24 percent of Sacramento’s total strikeout number. Carter
has 96 through 83 games. And the next highest number? Well, that would come
from Taylor, who has fanned 52 times in 69 games. The A’s have done right by
letting them find their groove in the Minors. At the same time, they’re
preserving their Major League service clock as well — the A’s have said that’s not a priority, but if they can, why not? So don’t be
holding your breath for either to land in Oakland anytime before September.

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Well, its been 20 days and counting. Its good to know that ESPN has more info on the A’s than the A’s beat writer. Keep up the good work. I would hate to suffer from information overload on the A’s website. Again, I wish I had your job…

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