A dose of dribblers

Love me some day baseball, fresh fruit and a cup of chocolate frozen yogurt topped with some more fresh fruit. A handful of random tidbits from a Sunday afternoon game at Comerica that will hopefully help you forget about the 10-2 loss we just witnessed:

  • On a slow news day, manager Bob Geren spent a good portion of his pregame media chat trying to figure out how many combined days and, subsequently, years he’s spent in hotels during the span of his baseball career. The estimated answer, thanks to my handy dandy phone calculator: 7-plus years. That’s a lot of time spent with suitcases, white towels and card room keys.
  • In between the fifth and sixth frames, while Powell was busy putting on his gear, Adam Rosales warmed up Dallas Braden. Guess he really can play all positions …
  • Jake Fox’s parents have to be one of the most supportive in the big leagues. They’ve been here all series, sitting right below the press box, wearing Fox jerseys while cheering on their boy. I also remember them coming to a handful of Spring Training games, the first of which had them all decked out in green and gold — very impressive considering Fox had signed with the A’s just two months before.
  • Last night, following the game, it appeared that the A’s were more interested in watching replays of Kendry Morales’ walk-off grand slam trot-gone wrong than of Roy Halladay’s perfecto, although Andrew Bailey had a little fun with re-watching bits of Doc’s game over again. “I bet you that ball’s caught. … I bet he gets out here. … I bet you he doesn’t give up a hit” …
  • Gio Gonzalez designed what he believes is a perfect plan to prepare himself for Interleague action. Following his start in Boston on Tuesday, he wants to take to the field right away during BP the next day, bat in hand, and “hit one over the Green Monster.”

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Head on over to the A’s site for all your news and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for timely updates. Also, here’s the link to e-mail me an Inbox question that could appear right here at the blog. Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend!

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Did BoBo read any baseball strategy books during all those hotel nights?

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