Braden’s Top Ten List on Letterman

As seen on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight, Top 10 thoughts that went through Dallas Braden’s head during the perfect game:

10. Grandma’s right. Stick it, A-Rod.
9. I did it! Oh crap, it’s only the fourth inning.
8. Seriously, how cool a name is Dallas Braden?
7. Now, maybe Justin Bieber will know who I am.
6. I must not tell the world I’m Iron Man.
5. This is something they can never take away from me. But for $50,000, you can have my glove.
4. Next pitch, eyes closed.
3. Even I’ve never heard of me.
2. I should at least give up one hit so I don’t have to do Letterman.
1. Maybe I can give Kate Hudson a call.


3 blog posts in over a month is just unacceptable. Even Urban blogged more. I think you’re a great writer and have enjoyed your columns, but the blog should be about what’s going on behind the scenes, not what happened last night at the game. Help us, we need your insight!

New Blog, New Blog, New Blog, New Blog, New Blog, New Blog, New Blog. PLEEEEESSSSEEE.

Classic… I didn’t get to see Braden do the top 10, so I’m glad it got posted somewhere.

I enjoy the behind-the-scenes, beyond-the-box score articles the most.

Hope to see more blog posts soon.

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