Duke faces live hitters

I’m technically off today, but Justin Duchscherer sure isn’t, so I’m taking a quick break from my errands before I head off to Trader Joe’s to update you all on the session he threw today. It marked the first time all spring he’s faced hitters, and from all reports I’ve read, Duchscherer’s 30-pitch session couldn’t have gone better – aside from being hit by a line drive off the bat of Max Stassi. The right-handed Duchscherer blocked the ball with his hand before it ricocheted off his right shoulder so it wouldn’t come straight at his face.

After facing Stassi and Ryan Sweeney, Duchscherer told reporters he feels healthier than he’s felt in five years and hopes to be game-ready by Opening Day.

“I see myself as one of the best pitchers in baseball,” Duchscherer told the Associated Press. “My only concern is if I have time to get ready to throw six
innings. I’m hoping I don’t have to start the season somewhere else.

“I threw with the intent of throwing to every location with all my
pitches. My body feels great. No elbow pain. No
back pain. It was nice not to have to think about if I was going to get
through the pain and focus on doing my job.”

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the next step for Duchscherer — if all goes according to plan — will be a simulated game in Phoenix on Tuesday when the A’s have a scheduled off day. 

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I love Duchscherer’s attitude – if he can come back form injuries, the A’s have a nice little pitching staff!


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