As react to Nomars retirement

Nomar Garciaparra officially announced his retirement today, and while the news didn’t surprise many around the A’s clubhouse, it gave them reason to talk about the role he’s played not just as a player but also as a person for the game of baseball. I was around Nomar a bit last year when he was with the A’s and was always struck by the way he carried himself as a true pro and as a mentor to a lot of the younger guys. Some around the clubhouse hadn’t heard the news when approached about it, but everyone pretty much had the same thing to say: Great guy. Great player. The A’s were truly lucky to have him around for a year…

Said manager Bob Geren: “He had a fantastic career. He’s obviously best known for what he did in Boston, so it’s good to see him retire as a Red Sox. He was a great player on the field, and when he wasn’t on the field he made some great contributions in helping the young guys in the clubhosue.

General manager Billy Beane also had nothing but gracious words to say about Nomar and really stressed how blessed he is to know him as a person. “He was a great talent,” Beane said. “He had a huge impact on the game.”


I agree that he was a good player, but he is extremely overrated simply because he played for the Red Sox. The Red Sox are so much more annoying than the yankees because the media tries to portray the red sox as the heroes and the yankees as the villains. Both of those teams are flush with cash, and I really hate how the media pays so much attention to those two teams. SOme people may not believe this, but the MLB has more teams than just the red sox and yankees. Anyways, I really like your entries Jane. Your entries are formal and straight to the point. When will Justin Duchscherer start pitching in actual spring training games?

Nomar was a class act while he was here, a consummate professional, but you could tell he was frustrated by the team’s inability to perform.

I’m ipmreessd! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

Nomar was a class act while he was here, but you can tell that he was frustrated by the team’s lack of success plus the injuries that kept him from performing well.

I have some news for SeanMatt. First, one should always be careful with anyone who has two first names. Second, the Steinkees ARE EVIL. Their spending has ruined competition in major League ball. The other teams who are “flush with cash” are simply trying to stay competitive. The rest, including the A’s, have to be 4-5x smarter than The Empire, even to be competitive.

I suggest the so-called luxury tax be increased by an order of 10, and to start handicapping the league, based on net team salary. So, the Steinkees would start each season 0-50.

First, one should never trust someone with the name of a serial killer. Second the red sox have the second highest payroll while the A’s are closer to the bottom. The Red Sox were able to steal Keith Foulke and Johnny Damon from us because the Red Sox had three times as much money as us. Also, the Red Sox were able to outbid the A’s for Adrian Beltre this offseason. How are the Red Sox not evil?

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