Chavez says Mulder is done

It looks like all the speculation surrounding Mark Mulder’s retirement decision can end now. When I made a call to Eric Chavez this morning to see if he had recently talked to Mark or heard about the reports that the former A’s pitcher had decided to retire, he replied, “Did he? No, I haven’t heard that.” Eric’s voice sounded slightly surprised but far from shocked. He used to live with Mark when the two were teammates in Oakland and says they still talk every couple of weeks. Eric proceeded to tell me Mark had been considering retirement if he knew he couldn’t perform at 100 percent but said he’d try to call Mark immediately to find out if he had indeed made a decision. The result: a text from Chavez saying he had just talked to Mark and that the All-Star southpaw is officially “done.”

So while Mark’s agent, Gregg Clifton, told me in an e-mail today that his client is still “reassessing his options in his efforts to come back,” you’d have to believe he really is set on retiring if he confided his decision in not just a former teammate but a good friend.

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Welcome to MLBlogs! I’m a HUGE Kevin Kouzmanoff fan, and I’m soooo sad that he got traded!! But I’ll still be following him and cheering for him like crazy with the A’s. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot of updates on him here too!

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