Creating a 25-man roster

It’s early in the game, but here’s my pre-Spring Training prediction for what the A’s 25-man roster will look like come Opening Day. The bench situation is a tough call and will pretty much depend on Eric Chavez’s health. If he’s injury-free, he’s Mr. Utility. If not, he’ll go home to be Mr. Family Man.

Ben Sheets
Justin Duchscherer
Dallas Braden
Brett Anderson
Trevor Cahill
Andrew Bailey
Craig Breslow
Michael Wuertz
Brad Ziegler
Joey Devine
Jerry Blevins
Brad Kilby

Kurt Suzuki
Landon Powell

Daric Barton
Mark Ellis
Cliff Pennington
Kevin Kouzmanoff

Coco Crisp
Ryan Sweeney
Rajai Davis

Jack Cust

Jake Fox
Adam Rosales
Gabe Gross

Thoughts? Rants? Changes you would make? I’m sure Gio Gonzalez’s name is going to come up. If Gio doesn’t make the starting rotation and Geren decides to keep him in the bullpen, I would imagine he would take Blevins’ spot. And, no, I don’t have Chavez in there despite all my hopeful thoughts for him. So have at it…


Doesn’t this leave no backup SS or 2B? Pennington and Ellis can’t play without a day off and healthy or not to start, Chavy is not going to suddenly man those spots. Rosales has to make the roster I would think.

Pitching is stellar. Players? Compare them to recent playoff teams and the lineup is inept. Even if every player had a break out year, there still wouldn’t be enough pop or batting average to compete as a playoff team.

An aside, can we campaign to bring back the uniform with just the “A’s” logo on the home uniform? That was the cool thing about the throwback uni’s.

that does seem like a shallow bench… but i guess fox backs up third and rosales backs up the middle infield positions, but who backs up barton at first? powell i guess? if only eric patterson could translate his aaa success to the bigs, he could back up 2nd and be our 4th of… that would allow us to get a real 1b backup. i haven’t even heard patterson’s name mentioned at all this offseason… in my opinion hes in the same boat as gio gonzalez… aaa stud who is on the cusp of making the transition… gio is probably closer at a younger age, but patterson is close too.

MYBREO In awe of that answer! Relaly cool!

I hope Patterson has the chance to make the roster also, but at the same time, it is one of the reasons we got Rosales, to back up 2nd and SS and 3rd as well. I also believe Fox will back up 1st as well as Powell if Chavy doesn’t make the roster, which as much as I love the guy, don’t think he should in order to give the young guys a chance. The only problem with Patterson is that we have Jemile Weeks in the background as our first round pick 2nd baseman in 2008. So I don’t know how much of a chance Patterson will have.

A few holes in your 25 man roster. You don’t have a ‘long man’ on your pitching staff. What happens when a starter get knocked out in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd innings? No one here to pitch more than 2 innings. No, Gio and Vin stays in Sacto until they’re needed. Perhaps Mortensen. I don’t think Brad Kilby deserves a spot on the roster, as he needs to show more than a few September innings. I like that you don’t have Eric Chavez on your roster, as he would only impede the development of this young team, but knowing veteran players, they just don’t know when to quit. If Chavez insists, Fox must be sacrificed, unless Billy has the guts to throw away Cust’s contract.

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