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As I’m sure most of you read, A’s host Marty Lurie will be taking his pregame radio show over to the Giants affiliate, KNBR, this season. Meanwhile, KTRB — which recently entered a long-term contract with the A’s to broadcast all games — decided to bring in conservative talk-show host Michael Savage to man the airways from 3-6 p.m. It’s no secret that Marty is loved by the entire A’s community, and that goes for the A’s front office staff as well. They very much support and respect Marty’s work, but at the same time they want A’s fans disappointed in the news to understand KTRB’s reasoning. The radio station, says A’s vice president of broadcasting Ken Pries, is still young and getting its feet wet. Thus, ratings are extremely important for them right now, and Savage brings them just that. Lurie’s show, meanwhile, does not give them a varied audience. Pries did add, however, that the station could be in a better position this time next year to add a show like Lurie’s to include in the A’s pregame programming. 

On another note, exactly two weeks until A’s pitchers and catchers report. Andrew Bailey, for one, is already in Arizona working out, as is Michael Wuertz, who makes his offseason home in Scottsdale…

Question for you to ponder over the weekend: What is the most pressing issue this A’s team faces heading into Spring Training?


Id say whether Chavez is gonna be game ready or need a month or two… Or the other pressing matter whoever wins the 5th spot if they’ll perform well enough to keep it?

From the KTRB website:

“One of the oldest radio stations on the West Coast, KTRB-AM 860 served Modesto and the surrounding area for 73 years before “signing-on” as a new radio station licensed to the city of San Francisco on Feb. 1, 2007. ”

They are not new. Savage also has nothing to do with sports. He does bring ratings, but not necessarily people who will be loyal A’s fans thereafter, nor a particularly varied audience. A bigger one, maybe.

Just tell it like it is. Marty Lurie’s program took up too much time from Savage’s cheap angry quasi-populism. Don’t make it seem like it was anything but a pure business decision, and also it is really silly to think that they will reverse that decision later when there is no logical reason to do so.

If we want people to write the station asking for an A’s pregame show like most other teams get before their games, then say that. Don’t waste space trying to make disappointed fans understand the logic inherent in the higher ratings a commentator like this gets. Maybe it is difficult to get a contract like this for the A’s, but over the last decade, it fits right in with how much respect the A’s fans have gotten from their radio network. Hopefully A’s fans will eventually get a good TV and radio agreement, but this one is not really it. When we have one like the Giants have, then we will not be disappointed in the station’s reasoning.

that is true. reception for games on the radio at my house have been just terrible for years…

good luck in the future marty. you’re a class act in every sense of the word.

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