Will we see Taylor before Buck?

I think I’ve finally recovered from Monday’s wacky series of events. When I confirmed the Gabe Gross signing news Sunday, I was pretty certain Monday could turn out to be interesting knowing that a trade was most likely to follow to make room on the 40-man. But never would I have pegged it to be a day when we saw not one but two utility infielders come in, not to mention a brief hour-long stint by a $4 million outfielder (Willy Taveras) only to watch him be designated for assignment. And in the meantime, Dana Eveland and Gregorio Petit were DFA’d as well. Needless to say, I was afraid to leave my laptop and/or phone in the event news was waiting about the groundbreaking of a new A’s stadium and/or confirmation that Grant Desme changed his mind about the priesthood. It was THAT kind of day. A kind of day on which anything could happen.

What didn’t happen, aside from fans’ fantasies about the stadium and Desme, was anything involving Travis Buck. In fact, no news of Buck has surfaced in quite awhile. And the way I see it — through reports and personal observations — is that tension is running mighty high between the once promising goldilocks outfielder and the organization. When I talked to David Forst on Monday, he made no mention of Buck when asked about the fourth/fifth outfield slots. Neither did Billy Beane when discussing the matter with the Contra Costa Times.

That being said, I could seriously see Michael Taylor picking out white cleats before Buck does so again. And for Buck’s sake, I hope he’s gone by Opening Day. The kid needs a change of scenery — a new team to prove his worth. So let’s take it to the polls:

Where will we see Travis Buck on Opening Day?
A. Getting reacquainted with new and old teammates in Sacramento.
B. Sitting on the bench in Oakland.
C. Sitting on a big league bench somewhere far away.
D. Standing in a big league outfield somewhere far away.


E. We’ll DFA him and Seattle will claim him. :Tongue in cheek:

I can definitely see what you’re saying about Michael Taylor, but he could possibly be forced to wait to June 1 to debut – to give us another year of him.

If Buck starts off on fire at AAA, and someone is hurt in April he’ll probably next up.

travis buck needs to be given a REAL chance. 2007 he put up decent numbers for 82 games and the last 2 seasons, it seems like the a’s havent given the proper chance. the guy has only 156 major league games. i dont think they should give up on him so quick.

Hopeful for B but probably A or C…. Im just a Buck fan tho

i say a. they seem content to just bury him. you telliing me san diego wouldn’t have preferred buck over cunningham? he would have been a great fit in that city…

we will probably see carson/doolittle/patterson before we see either one though. the a’s will definitely try to squeeze another year out of taylor and like i said buck is like a urban legend at this point…

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