Buck in As future?

As reported here, a club source told me Sunday that the A’s have indeed signed free agent outfielder Gabe Gross to a one-year deal. According to the source, Gross’ contract is worth $750,000. He can earn up to $1 million based on plate appearances. Here’s the breakdown:

300 ABs: $25,000
350 ABs: $25,000
400 ABs: $50,000
450 ABs: $50,000
500 ABs: $50,000
550 ABs: $50,000

The deal was likely done Friday, and the club anticipated announcing the news Monday. So come tomorrow, if/when the A’s put out a release, it should be interesting to see who is designated for assignment. The Ben Sheets signing put the A’s right at the 40-man mark, so someone’s definitely getting the bump. I know this deal is also leaving many of you Travis Buck fans skeptical about his future in Oakland. Before the rumors of Gross (and Johnny Damon) began circling about, many assumed Buck was the A’s fourth outfielder. In the past, Beane has been adamant about Buck not being available to other teams, but a deal like this has to make you wonder if he’s changed his mind.


If this is definitely a big league deal, then it’s a VERY bazaar signing, unless another trade is imminent. Because I think Eric Patterson and Travis Buck are just as good as Gabe Gross. And they probably have a bit more upside.

And I still don’t see where there’s going to be room for a fourth outfielder, anyway. Because if Chavez is healthy, then it looks like we have a bench consisting of Chavez, Fox, Miles and Powell. And I can’t imagine them going with a 6-man bullpen.

Until now, I figured Cust or Fox would just have to play a corner OF spot when Davis, Crisp or Sweeney needed an off-day. But I guess not.

Very strange move. But I’m not going to be critical of it until I see what other moves might coincide with it. I’m sure that Beane is far from done with the offseason!

A lot of people are worried about Buck being DFA’d after this signing. I just don’t see it. It would be interesting to see if Miles and his overpriced contract can be unloaded if he’s put on waivers. I would also anticipate the Rule 5 pick Cassevah getting released before Buck. If there is another trade in the works remains to be seen.

I hope Billy can make a good trade instead of just realising somebody plus don’t forget about Taylor he shoud be up reason really soon if he is as good as they say he is.

I hope Billy has another trade in the works because I would of much rather had Jonny Gomes or even Eric Byrnes a number of other guys in that same price bracket. At least get a guy that can hit for some power that can also possibly fit in at dh if needed.

I’d be on the side of saying we should maybe have gone with somebody we already had (Buck) but hey Billy is the man and knows what he’s doing… Wonder if Buck is gonna be gone soon because I really like(d) him well if not guess I’ll see him when the Rivercats play the Beavers up here in Portland!

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